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Laurence Martin

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A Brief Summary

Bridging the gap between IT systems and the people that use them by training them how to do their job with the new system.

What We Do

In order to get software to operate effectively you need three elements to work: the hardware, the software and the people. It doesn’t matter how good the first two are, without the people the system will fail. IT engineers tend to be good at the first two but are not so good with making sure the people and the system work together.

When presented with a new tool most people will simply try to use it in the same way that they did the old one, unless they are given training that shows them all that the new system will do to make things easier.

Too often we come across new IT systems that have failed to reach their expected results and not provided the promised return on investment.

Most of the time this is because of a lack of training.

We will reduce the risk in IT roll-outs by

  1. Check that training is needed
  2. Create a bespoke training programme that
    • Uses a blend of tutor-led classes and e-learning
    • Delivers relevant content only, by breaking it down into job-specific modules
    • Uses real scenarios to practice with
    • Shows people how to do their job, with the software, which is much more effective than simply showing people what the software does.

Contact us now to get help with ensuring your roll-out is a success.

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